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Question Asked: tail light & backup lights & brake lights
December 07, 2010, 04:47 AM
when lights are off ,foot on brake ,right brake dim, right front turn light comes on dim.whith lights off, turn on right tun signal with foot on brake,flashes faster thin with foot off. & right turn signal indacater light on dash lights up with foot on brak & turn signal off, whith head lights on foot on brake,right brake light go"s out & back up lights come on. & with lights on right turn signal, foot on brake, the brake light flashes back and foth with turn signal. I have replaced flasher brake switch rear light checker. the problem stays the smame.I had alarm installed & stero, they havent worcked after that, the shop said thay are not responsabel.what could be wrong with my lights,?I checed continuity between ground & sockets is ok.the brake light warning light comes on the dash with foot on brake.
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