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Question Asked: What do I do next my car is idling rough and engine light flashing?
December 09, 2013, 06:56 PM
My engine light came on two years ago and I took it to Auto Zone to get tested. I was told a small emission leak and not to worry to much about getting it fixed cause it wouldn't hurt anything but, my engine light would stay on. Since then I have replaced the fuel pump twice, of course I bought the "used ones". Then I started noticing every time I stopped to get gas my car was turning over but hesitated to start. I took it back to Auto Zone and they hooked it up and said large emission leak and multiple misfires. The entire time my car run great. Three days later my car started idling real rough and sputtering. Engine light flashing and you could hold gas pedal to the floor and it would barely go. I parked it immediately. I replaced my fuel cap, plugs, wire set, ignition coil, oil filter/ oil. Still the same.
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