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Question Asked: 2008 BMW 535xi clutch question
March 30, 2014, 10:37 AM
I am seriously contemplating purchasing a minty-appearing 2008 535xi equipped with a turbo-charged V6 & a 6-speed standard transmission with a clean CarFax report and 87k miles by a single owner. My immediate concerns focus upon the manual clutch. 1] With normal human driving habits [hard-pressed to define that], what is the usual clutch life in miles? 2] Assuming the worst, what should I anticipate a complete replacing of the manual clutch to cost me [arm, leg, testicles & 1st-born child? 3] Any idiosyncratic or anomalous traits I need to be aware of for this model? I am planning to go look at & test drive it tomorrow, 03/31/2014.
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