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Car Review: 2001 BMW 740iL
January 01, 2013, 05:34 AM
I have the 740i and absolutely love the car. Granted,I've put a good amount of money into it but I've never regretted spending one single dime. The Basket Weave Wheeels were gone 2 weeks after I bought it and replaced with 19" Style 95 spokes from a 96' 7 Series. I get compliments every where I go and a few offers to buy it on the spot. I bought it with 102,000 miles on it and fully expected to have some issues. The Radiator and expansion tank were replaced at 150K along with the alternator, water pump and drive belts. Next were the Power Steering Hoses. The timing chains (elective) were done at 164K along with the trans (slipping)- both at the same time for $6000. Front Suspension (elective) at 168K, Fuel Filter and OSV @ 170,000. I've ungraded the Nav to the MKIV (save your money on that one). The Body integrity, exterior and interior fit and finish are flawless and it's a dream on the highway. While I don't have a car payment and average out the repair cost per year, it's about $120.00 per month to own - Tell me what new car of this quality that you can buy today for that little. Keep in mind, the car is 12 years old - I'd buy another one in a city minute.
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