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Question Asked: over heating
March 24, 2009, 09:02 PM
Been having over heating problems for a while several shops i took it to fixed the result of the problem and did coolant flush and new radiator cap but never seemed to fix the actual prob. in oct. of 2008 i had a valve job and the heads removed and sent out to be redone. last week i took it to a guy i know that specialized in fords only. He put a new radiator and water pump in it. So already i have spent more than the truck is really worth. I had the truck back for a little more than one week. Then the other day check engine light came on. Ran the code it said O2 sensor that replaced it light went off. Then all of a sudden it started running warm. ..then few hours later running hot..then really hot. Pulled over called the guy and he told me to bring it back over. drove it easy to make sure it stayed in the cool zone. When i got there we waited a while for it to cool down he got a towel and opened the radiator it smoked like a train ..obvioulsly it was really hot ...he said it seemed like there was no coolant in the radiator. there is no leaks we can find no leaks on my driveway where i park. so now the past history is known..where is coolant going is it evaporating cuz its so hot is there a air leak in a hose and its creating a air pocket in the radiator so hence its not cooling properly ..but i have no clue it has seemed like i have replaced everything it could be ..but i wonder is it worth it to keep paying a lot of money for the truck .
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