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Well lets see, I'm 58 years old and have been a commercial driver/Owner operator/ my own mechanic for about 40 years. My old pickup is a work truck and I take care of her. I now haul campers for a livin'. Every now and then I have a question I run into that I may have a hard time finding an answer to, hence therefore RepairPal.
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Question Asked: Turbo Oiling
August 18, 2013, 09:42 PM
I replaced the turbo 7,000 miles ago and I was wondering if these had any known oiling problems because the new turbo is now making noise and leaking oil out the exhaust again. I am savvy to mechanics and do all my own work. replaced pedestal O-rings. This is a pretty straight forward job to do so I can't see anything I did wrong. This question is to cover my Butt for warranty on Turbo. Thanks
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