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Question Asked: Any luck holding Ford accountable?? I have the same transmission problem...
September 28, 2011, 08:35 AM
I have an 07' Fusion with 109,000 have 6 payments left and the car died on me yesterday in morning rush hour traffic!! I also had the bucking at picking up speeds now no car! It is going to cost me out of pocket $4700. plus tax for a 50,000 3yrs new transmission!! Like I just so happen to carry and extra $5000. around with me in this HORRIBLE economy!!! If Ford has all these people with the same problem why haven't they fixed the problem?? I have a child that was traveling with me and the car just died and I could of as well from being rear-ended by someone that didn't have time to stop when my veicle just died!!! Yikes think Ford needs to look into the situation and help the people that are affected and I am sure there are MANY MANY more that just went and had the problem fixed and didn't do any research. I am in Louisiana does anyone know of a cheap route to go down here?? In need of my car back, already lost my job because of this.... =(
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