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Question Asked: Car misfires apon throttle at low rpms, then goes away
August 01, 2009, 08:11 AM
Got a misfire code on cy 3. Changed both coil pack and plugs. NGK plat. I have been having a problem since the timing belt has been replaced. They removed both coils to remove the valve cover and agravated a problem. Come to find out the previous owner replace both coils, but they are shorter than the new owes causing the spack to jump to the plugs only to have them crud up after a few k miles. New coils,plugs now everything looks good but have the on throttle miss usually down low less than 1500 rpms. Right when I get on the throttle. bucks a few times then goes away even at the same rpms but as I feed more gas it goes away. I only got the cyl 3 misfire one time. Would egr do this. There are no other codes. Its run better before it warms up. Its not really like a miss from bad plugs,wires because it does not continue to do it under the same load, just after the getting back to the gas it bucks a bit at low rpm.
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