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Question Asked: engine stallls after running around town
July 08, 2010, 07:53 PM
1997 XK8. Starts fine check engine light is on... said coolant low... filled with coolant, checked windshield washer fluid... was low ...filled has 100076 miles .Purchased last Friday and found all kinds of past service work all good ,even new transmission warranty with unlimited miles. Anyway when it's hot it dies and this last Tuesday 85-90* outside it died ,got it home and it died twice putting it in the garage! Is there a 100k service due ,like Mercedes ($1000) easy . Temp gauge was in the middle ,didn't indicate over heating. I SMELLED GAS WHILE IT WAS RUNNING new transmission@96k mas flow@98k belts/tensioners97k coolant flush,98k Again... I went to about five different places within 5 miles of each other,turned off started went somewhere else, yada yada ,fifth place started and then died drove home died twice message center says "engine stalled" no shit...
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