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Question Asked: my 2003 Infinti Q 45 has check engine, slip abs and traction along with vdc
December 05, 2012, 10:52 AM
mechanic checked codes cleaned throttle body, changed all 4 tires, and car drove fine for 3 days once car gas drops pass half tank all lights return and car begins to lose power, I have been dealing with this for weeks, it runs then dies, clear codes and keep gas filled and it occurs again, I can't afford dealer to fix but I need an answer soon, engine code said Throttle body . Any one have his problem this car started doing this when I lost gas cap, I replaced next day with one from Autozone, that did not correct problem so I purchaced one from Infiniti and still indicates problem I click 3 times feels tight but the vaccum seal is not felt or heard.
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