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Car Review: 2007 Dodge Ram 1500
September 19, 2010, 06:26 AM
Converted Ford Fan - I have owned my 1500 for just over a year & had been really pleased with it so far with the exception of I guess the MPG (but in all fairness; I do run the roads). Well last week I hit a deer on the way home EARLY in the morning; the rest of the story changed me from being really pleased to absolutely in love with the Dodge. I was on a two lane pretty straight HWY. traveling up there in speed. I knew better but when we hit I mistakenly overcorrected & ended up riding on the shoulder of the opposite side of the Hwy. I knew the area I was in would soon be littered with guardrails, drop-offs & a lake so I choose again mistakenly to soon 2 get back on the Hwy. while there was no other traffic. I was still running 50-60 MPH leading to u guessed it more overcorrecting & ultimately loosing control. I ended bouncing back & forth like a dummy about 3 times b4 God decided I wasn't catching on leading into a 180 deg. immediate turn in the Hwy. momentum caused the truck to literally slide/skid sideway off the shoulder & down a drop off but b4 I came to a stop on my top I flipped several times. I am in the business daily of Emergency Response & when I came to a stop, checked 4 my pulse lol & extricated myself from the seat; I began counting fingers & toes. I told the 911 operator & responders I was dumb founded. I was completely aware of the situation incl. the could've beens. I can still not believe how secure, strong & SAFE my Dodge had kept me. Not a sole yet that has heard the story seen the crash photo & then the shop arrival photos can believe it either. Dodge - THANK U
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