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Question Asked: engine Jerking at low rpm, flutters at about 25mph
March 14, 2013, 03:00 PM
while at an idle, car surges fwd in a jerking manner. When you give it some gas the engine shakes and flutters for a few seconds untill about 25mph. After that, the car runs fine. Goes up hills no problem. You wouldn't know anything was wrong. Engine codes states miss fires on all aft cylinders. Previously, nothing was wrong with the car. I figured I'd better get some prevenative maintenance done so I took it to the local shop. Nothing was wrong with the car at this point. Local shop replaced the timing belt and all other serpentine belts, water pump, plugs and wires, radiator flush, tranny flush, valve cover gaskets, 3 coils and a few other regular tune up parts. Now car will not idle right. All cylinders are at 150 psi. Fuel pressure is what it should be. Mech say's he doesn't know whats wrong with it and has spent to much time trying to diagnose the problem. So the shop gave me back my car. Could the cam shaft on bank #1 be out of time? Or perhaps maybe the idle sensor? Almost forgot, while at low rpms, like an idle, the oil light comes on. It goes away as soon as you give it some gas. Spent close to $2000 for prevenative maintenance and ended up with a car full of problems. Any ideas? After they finished with it, the car ran but with a rough idle. They don't know how to fix it.
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