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Question Asked: Check Engine Light & Other lights
April 17, 2009, 11:05 AM
I have a 2002 Pontiac bonnevile SLE and My check engine light is on for a P1404 code. One of the pintle minimum position low limit values for the EGR pintle should be reading no lower than 0.7 and mine is reading 0.2. So it is failing the pintle minimum position value when the EGR is learning its position. In addition to this I replaced the EGR value with two different ones from Auto Zone then I also finally replaced it with an OEM EGR and still got the same EGR code. I am not sure if it is the egr but it seem that when i drive for a long time I can hear the egr pintle rapidly opening and closing when I am at idle(but since it stops when I look under the hood it maybe something else). Other issues that may be related are: I think I have an intake manifold leak because I am loosing coolant and see wetness around that area. I also have a brake light, air bag light, trac off light, and anti-brake light all on at the same time. My oil gage is all the way to the right. I am thinking that all these things are connected in some way because when I pulled the EGR valve off I see no blockage and I changed so many valves I dont know how all of them can be bad. I am thinking that maybe my PCM is bad and I might not be getting the right voltage to the various sensors and therefore it is making all of the lights come on giving false signals. I had the brakes checked out and they are fine so I dont understand why the lights would come on (monro muffuler checked them out). What do you think could be the problem with the check engine light coming on and how do you change the PCM if it is bad (where is it located)?
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