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Question Asked: Car accelerates without pushing the gas pedal
October 03, 2009, 11:28 PM
My firebird has a stalling/stuttering issue when pressing on the gas, and sometimes it'll die when breaking and turning, or when giving it a little gas. Starts up again fine in neutral, as well as when stopped and in park. Tonight, however, it died turning through a parking lot, but it shook really hard this time, enough to be worrisome. Putting the car in neutral revved the engine to over 4k rpms on the TAC. Turning the car off, putting it in park, and turning it on put the rpms at 3.5k. Shifting to drive put the rpms to 3k, and will move the car pretty swiftly without even touching the gas. I have to hold the break pedal down pretty hard to keep it from moving, but I'm sure it's tearing up my breaks. It also overheated in attempting to figure out what was wrong with it, as constantly running 3k to 5k rpms without any airflow most certianly will. I left the car and got a ride home so that I don't mess it up any further, but I would like to know what's going on, so that I may fix the problem and drive it back home, or get it towed to a mechanic if I can't do it myself.
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