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Question Asked: Need help bad.... My 99 cougar 2.0 alternator help
August 21, 2013, 09:20 PM
OK so my car ran great didn't have a problem until the other day my battery light came on so I got a new alternator and charged my battery....it ran for a hour and I lost my radio than speedometer than all the digitals than it bogged.out and died... Haven't been able to fix yet... I used a multi-meter and checked the battery at 12.5 v but the alternator is at 2.8-3.2 volt range well I know the fuse it good b/c I'm getting some volts and all my other fuses are good all my wires are tight and all the connections are good.... I took the small red and green wires off (harness wires) and checked them the green is at 0volts and the red read the same as the battery... Can anyone help fell free to text me with suggestions 25254554043 Ryan Thank you in advance
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