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Question Asked: No instrument lights - engine turns over but shuts off after a few seconds
March 16, 2011, 04:15 PM
This happened once before, but magically "fixed itself" and I never had it looked at. Car's been running fine but my instrument lights have been acting up - various ones will go off and on at times, and other times all of the panel lights and radio lights will go out but will come back if restarted. This time when I turned the ignition all the lights were on, engine turned over fine, but after a few seconds the instrument panel lights went out followed by the engine shutting off. Same results after trying a few times, then let it sit overnight and still the same. Engine definitely turns over and runs for a couple seconds but then stops. My husband has checked all fuses which seem fine. He's mentioned the possibility of something like a relay switch? If that's something he can test and replace himself it would certainly save us a few dollars. Appreciate any suggestions anyone has!
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