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Question Asked: Coolant in the Oil
May 06, 2009, 01:50 PM
Had the Subaru checked out about a year ago, and they informed me that they had found coolant in the oil. I opted not to have the service done, as the dealer began the estimate around $1200+. Less than a year later, the car has developed a habit of overheating. I went to a different shop (3 separate times, in less than 2 months) to have the radiator hose replaced (top hose), then the heater hoses, then the bottom radiator hose. Still, she won't go more than 10 or so miles before the temp gauge sky-rockets. I've asked a few auto-knowledgeable friends, and they say I'm better off getting rid of it, instead of trying to get it repaired. Thing is, it's paid off, insurance is low, and it serves most all of my needs of an all-purpose daily driver. Any ideas?
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