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Question Answered: Inside driver side door panel vinyl fell off where door handle is
July 07, 2013, 03:20 PM
We have a 2002 Taurus and the small panel at the top of two of our doors was falling out; on the driver's side front and also the rear passenger door. The vinyl was also peeling off. The guy we took it to showed us how the foam turns to dust when it ages and it can be rubbed right off. Once you clean the surface you can hot glue the vinyl back in place...but very carefully so it's smooth and so it fits right again since they only give you enough vinyl to barely cover the plastic part. On top of the vinyl issue the panel continues to pop out, even now. When they put them together they use one~time fasteners and once they go loose they're are done with. Our vinyl is far! We're working on keeping the panel in the door now. Hot glue blobs isn't working! LOL! Any suggestions? YOU WOULD THINK they could at least manufacture and sell us what we need to do a DIY repair! Chintzy jerks!
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