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Question Asked: Would a partial solution help ? I have something to suggest.
February 15, 2014, 08:31 PM
The Gas Cap Loose Light will only come on if the gas tank is below 3/4 full and and above 1/4 full... If you fill up your tank... and use an EMC Scanner to reset the code... You could also get a Battery Disconnect switch as well... Scanner cost $65 at Autozone... You can order a Battery Disconnect switch on Ebay for like $7 .. once your codes are reset and cleared... you can ride for like 90 miles before your gas tank goes below the 3/4 mark and the Gas Cap Loose Light would go on.. if you fill your tank before the light goes on say at like after 85 miles... you would never have the light go on again... I am retired and I don't mind filling up 3 times instead of 1 times ... I have air shocks and I make sure they are pumped up when I am at the gas station as well. I may gas up two times a week. I also have an extension for the seat belt... so I can keep it off and not wait 1 min for the "Fasten your seat Belt Light to Go Out"... and I also put a locking Gas Cap on my Buick Lesabre... because a locking gas cap is better than to let anyone put something into your tank anytime that they feel like... For example anyone could just open the door and unscrew the cap... put a rag in the gas tank hole and light the rag... if you get my point.
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