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Car Review: 2004 Saturn Vue
July 07, 2009, 07:32 PM
102,000+ and still going strong. With the Honda V-6 Engine & the vehicles size, power leather seats, 17" tires, perfect cup holders (any size cups or glasses fit), etc. makes for a good reliable ride. It has about all the options available in 2004 except all-wheel drive. Don't need it. Plenty of cargo space options; better then the 2009. I thought I wanted a new car since there are great deals now, but I still like this one better, when I compare both side by side. I can now put some money into 100,000 mile maintenance and save a lot of money. Maybe the new 2010 Chev Equinox will be larger to compare. I like the 2009 Equinox except for size. The Hyundai Santa Fe V-6 would be my car of choice for the money and size if I had to buy today. If the new Saturn Vue had the Honda Engine I would probably buy one of those. This 2004 still is a great vehicle and sets my standard for buying. It will last me a long time. Indiana driver
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