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Question Asked: What could cause my car to shake and lose horsepower when accelerating rapidly?
July 02, 2013, 01:31 PM
I've only owned it for 4 months so I'm not sure about past maintenance. I replacedthe coils and spark plugs when iI got it. I felt it sputter a few times, like a misfire, so I took it to my Volvo mechanic. He told me the only issue he could find was low/dirty oil. So we did an oil change. It is still having the same issue. When I get on the freeway or speed up to go around someone the engine struggles and the check engine light flashes. City driving is perfect. I do get electrical fluctuations when I use my AC, so I stopped using it, but I still get the shaking on acceleration. I was thinking if I can get help in the forums I can tell my mechanic specifically what to fix so my car doesn't die. I love my car. Its been my dream car for the past decade.
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