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Car Review: 2001 BMW 325i
January 12, 2009, 04:53 PM
I have owned a 2001 BMW 325i for a little over a year now. It definitely has its high points, such as the brakes and such. I bought the car from an owner who didn't know to actually take care of a car, and now I'm taking the repercussions of what he did (i.e.- drove the car like a maniac, let the car sit out in the sun, let the tires get so low in air pressure to the point of nearly blowing up). It is a very nice car, but you have to actually take care of it. Right now, I've gone through over $10k worth in repairs because he was careless about the car. Overall, the car is reliable, even after all of the repairs. I would recommend it to anyone.
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