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Question Asked: Overheating
August 16, 2009, 11:45 PM
My car is overheating - I was told by a AAA garage that I needed a new radiator , however that was based on them seeing aleak. I took the car to pepboys (mistake) they said that I needed a new water pump and thermostat - I replaced both plus the top hose and bypass hose, The car was tested again and the leaking had stopped but the overheating continued. They then told me it was my head gasket, but there is no mixing with the oil and the water - they have done a block test and it faile dthey said. they charged $488.oo. They had had the car from 10.30- 6pm when they said the car was ready at 6.15 when I arrived they had just done the chemical test and told me the news. I went today to collect my car and have it towed to the dealership- it was running - they could not find my old waterpump and thermostat when I had spefically asked for them. The car is now leaking gain - HELP- what is wrong with it
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