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Question Asked: I Have A 2005 Hyundai Accent That I Think May Need A New Fuel Filter Or Pump!?!?
September 07, 2011, 08:56 PM
About A Year Ago I Had To Fix A Hole In My Accent's Muffler System. Long Story Short They Ended Up Welding It To Cut Down The Cost But, It Popped Open Again About A Month Later, They Fixed It Again. About Two Months Ago My Check Engin Light came On After Recently Replacing The battery That had Died. My Dad Said It Prob Just needed To Be Reset, I Never Reset It And Had No Problems. I Got Low On Gas Last Week And Drove Home With The Gas Light On About 6 Miles. And Just Now Decided To Put Gas In It In The Middle Of A Big Rain Storm. I Ran Out On The Way To Get Gas And My Car Putterd And Stoped. So, I Went To The Satation And Got Some In A Old Tea Jug A Little Less Than A Gallon. We Put It In And It Had Trouble Starting. So, We Finally Got It Running. And Drove It Back To My House Just Down The Block. We Put More Gas In And Thought It Was Fixed. Took It For A Ride And It Seems To Hesitate. The More You Try And Go Faster It Putters And Wants To Stal Out. Any Ideas? It Would Help! I Herd To Fix The Filter Which Is In-Expensive You Have To Take Out The Back Seat!?!? I Am Trying To Avoid A Tow Fee And A Mechanic Fee. but, I Have A Feeling It's Not Going To Happen That Way! Thanks!
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