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Car Review: 2001 Toyota Sequoia
August 25, 2009, 07:01 AM
Today's date is 8-25-09. We bought ours in May 2001 and we still have it. As David said below, it is the work horse of our family, too. The gas mileage is surprisingly good on the highway for a truck this size (20mpg). I would highly recommend this car to my friends and family. The third row comes in handy all the time and is the most comfortable third row we've come across. The seats fold up easily and pop out altogether, too. When not in 4WD this is a rear wheel drive vehicle... but that's okay because the skid control is excellent. It is so good we often don't need 4WD. Having said that the 4WD engages well and hasn't let us down (snow, sand, off roading, etc.). Putting it into 4WD low with the center differential locked (unlocked?) is a pain so we seldom use it like that. The turning radius is that of a boat and the interior cabin is not well lit at night. I feel it is slighly underpowered (or not geared aggressively enough). I am not sure but I think the I-force engine gives it better torque when there are either more people in the car or when you're towing something. Yes, I think it senses weight load and adjusts accordingly, i.e., yields better torque. The truck presently has 90k miles on it and we're about to go through our fourth set of tires. This strikes me as high turnover but this is the only out-of-pocket problem we've had . As mentioned we put our family in the car so we take care of it aggressively and we're happy to do so. Be well.
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