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Hello! Greetings to one & all. I am a car buff and do small repairs myself. Very keen to learn new things and admirer of Diesels and fuel efficient cars. We are fortunate to be living at the best of times & important crossroads in the history of Automobiles. A lot of interesting new cars are being developed with cutting edge technology. Wow!
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Car Review: 1995 Honda Odyssey
December 09, 2010, 12:57 PM
A very dependable and trouble free workhorse that has served our family well in all climates and duty cycles and still going strong & great guns at 261000 miles. We have maintained it meticulously as per the manufacturers suggested service schedule and it has never let us down. We did a 5000 miles road trip recently to California and back without any incident. We drove it to the tops of Rocky Mountains in Colorado to elevations in excess of 12000 Ft. MSL with a full load and our beloved Odyssey took the challenge without a complaint. BRAVO Honda for making one of the finest vehicles I have driven.
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