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Question Asked: My truck stopped running
June 09, 2009, 01:57 PM
Okay so for a while my truck was stalling out on me but would start right back up no problem... well one day I was driving to work and it seemed like my truck just wanted to stall but wasnt as long as I kept hitting the gas, I got to work and when I got off my truck wouldnt start... my brother tried almost everything and he cant seem to find out whats wrong with it because he lost his computer that hooks into the truck and tells you whats wrong with it... it wont start at all... but a few days ago I just tried starting it for the hell of it and it started but once I shut it off again it didnt start back up. My question is what could possiably be wrong with it so I know where start. I love my truck and I really dont want to get rid of it so I would love to just get it fixed!!!!
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