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Car Review: 2008 Honda Accord
December 21, 2009, 09:41 AM
Brakes are terrible!!!! Check the web, you will see that thousands of customers complain about premature rear brakes wear (at 15000 - 18000 miles!!!) and Honda makes people pay for it. The front brakes on my accord 2008 are squeaking from 3000 miles. It was 5 visits to dealer, several repairs but it is still very noisy. Remote key entry stopped working after 1 year (new battery didn't help). Dealer claims that it is my fault and I have to pay for new keys. Although Honda says about 32 MPG and more on highway with I-4 engine, my best is 24-26 MPG. Definitely, 7 visits to the dealer withing a 1st year of ownership for a brand new car for repairs is too much. I wouldn't consider buying Honda in future.
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