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Question Asked: Diverter Valve or Bad Turbo?
October 23, 2013, 06:37 AM
I have a 2012 2.0T VW CC with 42,000KM on it. The check engine light came on last month and I brought it in to a nearby VW dealer. They diagnosed it as a bad Diverter Valve. I had to pay $500+ to have this replaced because the car was imported from the USA to Canada and was told VW has put a ban on warranty when car is imported. Barely 4 weeks later (3 days ago) the light came on again. I bring it in and they telling me this time it's a different issue that it's a low boost pressure from the turbo and that the Turbo needs to be replaced. They also said the previous diagnosis was a high boost pressure. Cost of a new turbo is $3100! I am HIGHLY suspicious about this. I am not an automobile expert but something is not right here. The car drove nicely the whole time too. No major signs of stalling or any jerking like one would expect if a Turbo was quitting. It stalled once when I was backing off my parking spot and I noticed a very subtle flutter like an hesitation in the acceleration when I step lightly on the accelerator every now and then. But whenever I need a sharp acceleration and press hard it takes off like a sting. My gut tells me both diagnosis are related and the first one may not have been the diverter valve. I am trying to get my extended warranty to cover this at the moment but will appreciate it if someone would have any advice on how to proceed. Thanks
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