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I have just bought a 1994 Honda Accord a few days ago, the car is way clean for the year it has about 180 on it, at 40MPH and above it makes a noise sounding like its coming from the front right side, it only makes the noise when i am accelerating if i let off the gas or push the clutch in the noise goes away, its not coming from the motor im sure, i thought this might be the CV axel or the wheel bearing, so i replaced them both as well as the roter, after that i took the car out again its making the same EXACT noise, clutch is good shifts not to bad most the time the noise starts in about third gear, i been told it might be the transmissions spider gears by friends but im not sure. any ideas on what might cause this, also every now and then in the place the kinda grinding sound comes from i also now and then it a kinda loud squeak. please let me know what this might be, if this is something common or serious i just need to know so i can get it fixed asap. thanks to anyone else that had this problem if you know what caused this and you fixed it please let me know what your problem was, my email is

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