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Question Asked: what is a computer chip in van, what it actual Part name and Price
September 29, 2013, 09:08 PM
while driving my van stalled , wouldnt start. started next day,i put in gear it went 5 yards then stalled out. i had towed to shop, where he started it right up,ran for 3 min then stalled out. i went home, where he calls me hours later and tells me that he ran testing and my "chip" went, i asked how that happend. he said to think of it like a home computer and when it Breaks, it Breaks HOW MUCH DOES CHIP COST,HOW OFTEN DOES CHIP BREAK ?? ALSO, a few weeks ago my Drivers side window was having problems going UP and DOWN, then all together stopped halfway open, i brought to another auto place, where they said they charged my Window Motor ( WINDOW WORKS FINE), drives fine for 4 days, then STALLS out and thats where i am now !! COULD THEM CHARGING WINDOW HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY CURRENT CHIP/STALLING PROBLEM ?? -TY
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