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I have had my car in the dealer 3 times for a 3rd gear indicator light intermittent flicker that seems unsolvable. The dealer replaced the switch on the gearshift (which switches 4th gear into 3rd gear) and the instrument cluster. Wiring tests are good. No DTC's. How the system is wired is power comes from the main fuse block and goes through the transmission range switch, then goes to that pin switch, which splits into 2 separate circuits (4th and 3rd) In 4th gear, the circuit goes to the instrument cluster, where when the shifter is in 3rd gear, the circuit power goes from that switch to the TCM and from the TCM to the instrument cluster. In 4th gear, the light will not flicker. In 3rd gear, it will. Since that switch on the gearshift and the cluster were replaced; would the TCM be the likely cause?

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