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Question Asked: My Car Wont Start & Was Running Very Rough Ideling & Dying. What do I do?
August 31, 2013, 11:54 AM
My 1994 Toyota Corolla LE Has been running rough and some days I have to drive with two feet to keep it from dying on me at stop signs and intersections. At first I thought it was bad gas. It was idling very rough sometimes I would smell gas when it dies. It also wont restart right away when it died. Sometimes it gives me no problems and other times I'm afraid to shut it off because I'm worried it wont start or takes quite a few turns before it will start. It has been giving me hard or no start for a few weeks and as of this morning it won't even start for me at all. All it does is click. It won't even take a jump which I tried this morning. Already changed TPS, Tried Cleaners such as Seafoam, and other products like fuel treatments. Changed Spark Plugs, Tested Battery, Changed Spark Plug Wires, Checked filters...etc. Anyone know these Toyotas well? The car used to run perfect and has been taken well care of prior to it not starting this morning.
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