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Question Answered: Jeep shouts off
May 04, 2012, 10:57 PM
I have had this problem, replaced many parts, including the ignition coil 3 times, not the answer. It used to die on me while I was driving down the road. If I was going over 55, it would help it to NOT die but it still cut out on me, I just had a better chance to keep the motor running or if it did die while I was going that fast, all I'd have to do is throw it in neutral and back in drive and it would start back running again(without me having to turn the key). It would die on me while at a stand still idle. It would die in the middle of a VERY busy intersection. (EMBARRASING!!!) It got to where it was hard to start. I thought someone was playing games with me, as it was cutting out on me regularly and randomly. PISSED ME OFF!!!! I had a code reader that was throwing codes and then a few days later, it would throw other different codes the very next day. It finally threw a TPS code. (Throttle Position Sensor) I got a new one and hadn't had a problem since. This is very easy to change. Mine (a 97 jeep Cherokee) used a torx bit to change it. But if you are installing it yourself which I assume you are, when you install it, there is a certain way that you have to turn the throttle to make sure the pressure is put on the TPS properly. You have to look at the mechanic on it to figure it out. Don't force it in to position. It will install correctly in a fittable manner (If you have it on right.) On this TPS there are two ways to put it on. The right way and the wrong way. (For real, there are really two ways. One actually is the right way, and the other actually is the wrong way) If one way does't make it run right, you can actually take it off and make sure you are turning the throttle to the right position to make it run right. Hope this helps (that is if you already don't have it fixed.)
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