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Question Answered: Runs fine until it warms up then shut's off and has not spark.
January 23, 2014, 02:23 AM
You can go to Autozone they can diagnose your vehicle for free, to see if there are any codes but it sounds like a crankshaft sensor problem, could also be your fuel pump or fuel pump relay.
Question Answered: My don't windshield wipers, car heater, directional signal lights work?
January 23, 2014, 02:21 AM
You can start by checking your fuses for the items that aren't working maybe is a bad fuse.
Question Answered: I have 2 codes,O2 sensor bank 1 and evap, have any suggestions 2 do 1st?
August 14, 2011, 01:48 PM
i would clear the codes see which one comes up first, the evap code could be a air line broken somewhere what are the specific codes you are getting?
Question Answered: car not starting when key is turned on just a single click, new battery in March
August 14, 2011, 01:47 PM
could be the starter try to start the car while someone hits the starter.
Question Answered: Vehicle stalled while driving,engine rolls but will not start. No fire at plugs.
August 14, 2011, 01:40 PM
Do you have any lights flashing like the check engine or security light or theft light? check it with a scantool to see if you get any codes
Question Answered: engine light stays on
August 14, 2011, 01:37 PM
go to autozone and get it diagnose for free you have to use a scan tool to get the codes.
Question Answered: engine light stays on. how can i tell what the cause is ?
August 14, 2011, 01:34 PM
go to you local autozoe the check engine light comes on for a emission related fault al scantool will tell you why the light is on.
Question Answered: The battery light.
August 14, 2011, 01:30 PM
if the battery light is blinking it may be a problem with your charging system check the battery and the alternator also the alternator voltage module which regulates the voltage, autozone could diagnose your charging system for free
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Car Review: 1996 BMW 318ti
November 18, 2009, 09:32 AM
Great on Gas, Great For parking
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