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Question Asked: Intermittent starting, dash gauges/lights behave strangely
October 13, 2010, 06:05 AM
Car wouldn't start. Battery cables looked poor, poured coke on them and jumped it. Replaced the battery for good measure. Started fine immediately after I installed battery. Next morning, wouldn't start. Jumped it and left it running, came back out and it had stalled. Next afternoon, cleaned cables some more. Car started up, I drove it around, BUT if I used turn signals or hazards, the dash gauges (mph, fuel, rpm, etc) would stop working and the dashboard illumination (of gauges only) would go out. If I deactivated the turn signal or hazards, the gauges, lights, would "reboot." No discernible effect on the driving or operation of the car, just that effect on the gauges. Drove to work and back yesterday. This morning, wouldn't start. Turned over, "almost" started but died. After second attempt, nothing. Interior accessories work, headlights work, radio, clock, power seats, etc., all work.
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