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Question Answered: Dead Battery
July 18, 2010, 10:20 AM
If the copper post locateed in the duse box will not open the hood with a doner battery, you have two choices: a) take your car to a Porsche service center b) there is a manual hood release that is under the drivers side plastic wheel well molding. Some have said they were able to locate it per the following: * Put your hand behind the drivers side FRONT wheel and just on the right of the suspension spring, behind the plastic trim, you should be able to feel a cable. This is the mechanical cable link. Pull on it a little so that you can get a good grip on it, and then pull hard away from the front of the car. The hood should now pop open. Your alarm MAY go off if your battery has enough charge to power it. Just quickly disconnect the battery negative lead to silence it. If you can't find the cable end (it wasn't accessible on my car) you will have to remove the wheel well plastic trim to reach it. The easiest thing to do in this case is to remove the drivers side front tire then start removing the torx head screws that hold the plastic wheel well trim in place. I can't remember how many there were total but if you remove all of the front screws and work your way towards the back you may be able to bend the plastic trim without damaging it or the metal fender in order to find the manual release. It sounds complicated but its not its just a PAIN! I was able to perform this task in about 45 minutes without removing the tire since my lug nut locking tool was still in the front trunk since I couldn't open the hood. My experience was a little different since I had already opened the hood and removed the battery, unfortunately some good samaritan saw my hood cracked open and before I could return with the new battery they shut the hood completely so I had no power at all to the release and the hood cannot be opened using the post method if there isn't a battery under the hood in the first place. Good Luck!
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