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Car Review: 2002 Toyota Camry
October 15, 2008, 04:01 PM
I have 124500 miles on my XLE and other than replacing tires twice, the only other major expenses have been to clean the fuel induction and reseal the oil pan which had a very tiny leak, and replace the drive belts. I am still on my original brakes. Last year I had to replace the starter. Earlier this month we took a 7500 mile trip to California and visited several national parks. Every time I have work done I ask about the brakes, last time they said they only had half wear. Another strange thing is at 78-80 mph on interstates, I have been getting a bit more than 31 MPG. I did have the check engine light come on in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota so I stopped at an honest mechanic's shop and he told me the code was for a bad oxygen sensor for the cat converter. I stopped at a Toyota dealer in Rapid City to inquire if they had the part and they charge me $85 to tell me I needed a new cat and by they way they would need to order the parts. A couple days of lower mileage and lower max speeds, the light went off and when checked at home all was well with the codes.
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