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Car Review: 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon
September 21, 2008, 08:33 PM
Actually -- I drive a Westfalia -- and despite the cost of repairs which must assumed with maintaining one of these beauties -- there is no other form of transport like them! If you love the outdoors -- yet hate to cram tents into hatchbacks -- this is the ultimate answer. It is fun to drive once you have the feel of it and offers many of the comforts of an RV -- without the 50,000 cost. But do be prepared to hunt for one -- do study up. And do expect to spend several thousand on a regular basis to get it restored unless you are buying an already refurbished angel. Gas milage is better than one might think for such a large camper. I get 18 on an average day. But think about investing in a turbo-biodiesel rebuild... FUN! More than a van -- more than a camper -- really the best of what we all came to the planet for (hear the ex-hippie in me?) -- freedom to get up go at a moment's notice (I keep mine stocked and so don't have to plan ahead and spend a whole day getting camping gear ready) -- closeness to nature -- relative affordablity compared to "lodges" or rented cabins or RVs -- and yet a heck of a lot more comfort than sleeping on the ground in the rain! Happy adventures to you.. OceanHope.
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