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02 bmw 325i 5 speed exhaust work k an n air filter 18in platinum wheels soon to do engine swap to 3.0 twin turbo
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Car Review: 2002 BMW 325i
April 10, 2012, 07:24 AM
hi guys i have an 02 325i and just so you guys know the window regulator in this car is probably the easiest ive ever seen to replace oreilly auto parts sales the reg for about 60 bucks and there is three bolts holding it in all in all it took me about 20 mins to swap out the regulater and install the window motor very easy also for you enthusiast who want to squeeze a little more power out of the 2.5 add a k an n airfilter and cutoff the rear muffler and straight pipe it out the back not only does it free up a little horsepower but it gives it a great sound i must hand it to bmw they build a great motor and the sound mine has now is exactly how i want it to sound you see those cars on top gear and hear them and say man i wish mine sounded that way just cut huge muffler out and there ya go eventually plan on add a 3.0 twin turbo motor to mine
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