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Car Review: 1998 BMW 740i
April 20, 2012, 09:06 PM
I purchased my 1998 740i in 2005 with 69K. I was hesitant about buying a car online. I had to fly 900 miles to pick up the car. That 900 mile drive back home convinced me that BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” At one point I was driving and bonding with the car, then I looked at the speedometer and I was going 105 mph. (That’s how we roll in Texas). I couldn’t believe that I was driving that fast. The point is that there was no rattling; no shaking; no vibrations just exhilaration. This is not the car for you if you are on a serious budget. I was fortunate to find a certified BMW mechanic who started his own business to care for my car which saved me a lot on labor but the parts were somewhat pricey even online. I recently traded my 98 with 90K for a 2001 740i with 43K. I was going to save my pennies and purchase a 2009 in 2016 but I just couldn’t pass up this car with that mileage. My new Bimmer and I are getting to know each other but if this one is like my 98 it’s going to be another great relationship.
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