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Question Asked: my problem is the floater for my gas gauge. It floats way too much.
December 31, 2012, 10:20 PM
If I have less than a half tank or even a half tank and go around a turn it says low fuel, if I go up a hill the same problem. If I stop a light it happens. This is the most irratating thing to hear the low fuel bell chimming. It is awful and causes me much frustration. I have to constantly reset my mileage indicator just so I can keep track of how much fuel I actually have.I should not have to keep the tank on full everyday. I can just be sitting in my driveway which is not real level but also not real hilly either and the dang thing will beep empty. It is either possessed or else it is bi-polar and trying to make me crazy. I can't find a recall on it but does mental stress qualify to add it to the list?
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