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Question Asked: why is my temperature gauge climbing?
June 06, 2013, 05:39 AM
Yesterday my temperature gauge started climbing as I was driving home. I opened the windows and turned on the heat full blast, that helped drop the temp till I got home. I waited about an hour for the engine to cool and added some water to the coolant reservoir and cranked the car, waited about 5 minutes and drove down the road to see what it would do. I got about a mile and it started climbing again. Had to pull over and wait. Drove another mile and it started climbing again at an even faster rate. Again I pulled over and waited. I finally made it home and parked the car. This morning I checked the fluids in the radiator and the reservoir and they are full. What is going on? Also, after turning on the heat the first time to cool it down, the next few times I did the same and it didn't help at all. What is the problem? It happened one time before, a couple of weeks ago and I added some water to the reservoir and it was fine up until yesterday. Other than that, the car runs just fine.
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