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Question Asked: Why is my engine jumpy, knocking, and vibrates while stepping on gas?
September 15, 2013, 09:10 PM
I just had the 6 spark plugs replaced (3 autolites and 3 champions) and 3 of the spark plug wires (Bosch). The issue occurred just after the spark plugs were replaced. Before the change, the car had been jumpy after I turned it on in the morning and needed it to settle down before I could drive it with no shake. It had been diagnosed with a misfire in cylinder 2 previously (P0302). Now it shakes almost constantly with speeds under 30mph, and flashes the engine light above that speed. It is especially jumpy when I come to stops and then step on the gas. The jumpiness will subside for the most part once the vehicle is driving at a steady speed of 30mph or more. It also starts up very jumpy and I can hear a knocking sound, the jumpiness for start up subsides as I run it more than a minute, but the knocking is pretty adamant. What could be the cause of this? Why would the previous problem worsen after a spark plug change?
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