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Question Asked: car losing acceleration
September 27, 2009, 05:21 PM
I have a 95 Cirrus, that sometimes, loses acceleration. First time this happened, I was traveling at 65mph, I had my cruise set and the cruise just shut off. I went to hit the gas pedal to get my car back up to speed, but I had no acceleration. I coasted to an off ramp, and my car died when it was almost to a complete stop. We towed it home later that day and my car ran just fine. For 2 weeks driving around town, never had an issue with it. Took it back out of town, it made it to my destination (about 80 miles) went to come home 2 days later and about 15 miles out of town, I lost acceleration again, this time my car didnt die, it wanted to but didnt. Started it up about an hour later and it sputtered a little, we hit the gas and it snapped out of it. Any ideas what this is??
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