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Question Asked: Transmission
February 15, 2009, 04:30 PM
My model is 4x4, SLT Laramie. Transmission hesitates every time I start it up, put it in gear, hold brake, bring up the rpm's, torque converter fills up and it engages. Stop at go and sometimes it goes 10/7 momentarily. Truck is parked most of the time. Put it in reverse and sometimes it sounds like I have a flute in the transmission. I read that this particular model transmission empties the torque converter back. I am planning to bring the transmission down to replace rear engine seal and want to correct this hesitation problem. Transmission does not slip and shifts perfectly. I haul my 5,000 lbs. boat without any problem other than the occasional hesitation. By the way, I had some shifting problems, 1st to 2nd mostly, it turn out the be the transmission cable that runs to the trottle linkage, cost me $ 95.00, this after changing selenoids which did not solve problem. Any guidance on this before I take in to the shop will be greatly appreciated, I don't want to be taken to the cleaners. On the other hand I can hook up the truck to my 5,000 lbs boat and hauls it with no problem.
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