Used engine installed on 1996 Mercury Cougar

I just had an engine (57,000) miles installed in my 1996 cougar. What are the first best steps to take to ensure that it is a smooth transition? Will it need a complete tune-up, oil change, or any other general maintenance? The car had been sitting for nearly a year prior to having the used engine dropped in last week. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Anytime there is an engine install, I always change the oil and filter, put new hoses etc. I treat it like I'm making it brand new, that way I have peace of mind for at least 30,000 miles(with regular services). That motor should be due for a tune up and possibly ignition wires at 60,000 miles, since it has 57,000 it should be done now. You can get it running first and see if you are satisfied with it before investing anymore time or money.
Thanks for the tip!