used emergency brake, won't totally disengage, grinding sound front driver wheel on 1995 Ford Taurus

i used my emergency brake, now it won't totally disengage and I have grinding sound in front driver's side wheel. what can I do? don't want cable to brake - think it may be rusted. Car holds back like brake it partially set. what will happen if I continue to drive car in this condition? how will it effect my main brakes? Brakes are difficult to engage to hold car back on hill or stop - grinding.

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Agree with greg, saw one that had caught on fire from overheated rear brakes, driving with E brake applied!
yep - will do - thanks
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poss frt hub bearing is the frt end issue. with brakes engaged it will cause numerous problems incl damage to brake drums. seek an insp and est asap
thank you - will do
would using some WD-40 on the cable do anything temporarily?
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