Used car purchase on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

My friends wants to sell his Jaguar, it has a little over 100,000 miles and he wants $5,900 for it. It has high mileage & I'm concerned about repair problems. Don't know anything about Jags except I like them. I'm not even sure if anyone close by Midland can repair. It seems to be in very good condition.

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Try some folks on that directory link. These are shops near you that service Jaguar. Perhaps you could contact someone there and get more in depth resolution for your concerns.

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If your lucky to find someone that will work on it without trying to rip you off that will be great. Also, Parts seem to be more reasonable on the internet. If you go to the dealer the pricing will devestate you... how expensive everything is... It is not cheap to own a Jaguar that is for sure. I have a 2000 S Type 3.0 Have owned for 4 yrs.. I have enjoyed my Jag though I've always loved Jags. Good Luck!
Have you had to get any repairs since you've had it. This guy said he did 2 things to sell: Torque the transmission:( and fix the valve body. But he assures it's in mint condition. Any time they mention 'transmission' I get chills. One guy here said if anything should ever happen, it is expensive but said he puts in rebuilt ones only.
If there is a thought that the transmission needs serviced, figure on a replacement. If you're not prepared to replace the transmission, you will be disappointed and the purchase will not be a good one.
Thanks for your comments! As bad as I want it, I think I'll pass....I did some research and it seems a common problem for the S Type to have transmission problems, over heating, lurching, etc. A little scary. I hate to pass up a good deal, but my gut instincts tell me to find another one=\