Used 2 Qts of oil in a week. Why?? on 2002 Dodge Ram Van 3500

There are no major leaks anywhere and not smoking yet I am 2qts low after 1 week.Can't fig out where its going.It has 87,000 miles on 5.2 318. Van runs excellent other than that.

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I had the same issue with 1998 3500 van, the plenum gasket needed to be replace. Dodge had a TB issued for this problem. You can find it online.
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if its not leaking from the valve covers or hitting the ground it could be slipping past the valve guides or past the oil rings slightly enought to not blow any smoke.check the pcv valve too.
Would it burn over 2quarts in a week like that? Its def not leaking anywhere. I changed the oil last nite and put a quart of Lukas Oil Stabilizer and Castrol High Mileage 20w50 and a new filter.I'm gonna try that and keep an eye on it i guess.
thats very thick oil.stick with whats reccomended by the manufacturer.most likely 5w-30.10w-30 or maybe even 5w-20.20w-50 is for racing engines